Adobe Revises Metaverse Design Tools For Apple’s Chips –

Adobe Revises Metaverse Design Tools For Apple’s Chips

Creative software giant Adobe is revising the metaverse design tools for Apple’s new “M” series chips. The tools allow designers to create 3D content for various applications and the Metaverse. Adobe is pivoting toward creating 3D design tools to supplement its creative cloud business. It has signed new partnerships with outdoor footwear brand Salomon Group and German fashion brand Hugo Boss to use these new tools.

For a more immersive experience, designers can now use the “digital twin” capabilities of the company’s products. The tools can now match audio expressions to facial animations. These tools will be crucial for the design of a metahuman and a variety of other uses in the future. Adobe also recently announced new tools for industrial use cases. The company will soon unveil more information on these new tools.

Substance 3D has been redesigned to support native Apple M-series chips. The company is also focusing on quality-of-life improvements for this software. Later this year, Adobe will launch a desktop version of Substance 3D Modeler, which allows users to sculpt 3D objects in virtual space. Additionally, the company is working to make sure that the software will work well with Apple’s proprietary M-class chips. The integration of Adobe’s software with Apple’s chips could make the company a major player in the metaverse. Substance 3D is free for teachers and students in a variety of disciplines.

Creative Cloud software is also undergoing major upgrades. Creative Cloud apps like After Effects run up to 80% faster on M1 Macs. These new macs have improved performance over previous Intel-based Macs. The updated software also provides greater speed and performance for desktops powered by M1 chips.

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