Internet Explorer Tombstone Goes Viral in South Korea –

Internet Explorer Tombstone Goes Viral in South Korea

A South Korean software engineer has erected a monument to the late internet browser, and it has gone viral. He erected the tombstone after Microsoft officially ended maintenance on the web browser on June 15 and recommended its successor, Microsoft Edge. This was a milestone in Jung’s career. Jung tested a lot of things on Internet Explorer, but it was also notorious for its glitches and sluggishness. Now, he wanted to pay tribute to a longtime web browser that helped make the Internet go round.

A South Korean software engineer, who runs a cafe, decided to place the memorial on the web. He paid $300 for the tombstone. A photo of the Internet Explorer gravestone has since gone viral, with multiple tweets and posts to Twitter. One post has nearly 40,000 likes. Reuters journalist Cian Maher also posted the image to his account. Despite the memorial’s popularity, it has evoked a range of emotions.

A South Korean software developer, Jung Ki-young, has paid close to 430000 won for a tombstone and a logo. He ordered a commemorative ceremony for Internet Explorer in the southern city of Gyeongju. The tombstone’s photograph has become a topic of internet discussion after the software giant announced plans to cut support for the browser on Wednesday. The company is now focused on focusing on a faster browser called Microsoft Edge.

The South Korean engineer who built the gravestone had a message for the late Internet Explorer. While South Korea may have one of the world’s fastest internet speeds, it’s still bizarrely attached to Microsoft’s web browser. In Gyeongju, South Korea, a software developer erected a gravestone for the IE icon on the roof of a cafe. The inscription reads: “he was a good tool for downloading other web browsers.”

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